Foundation and Structural Repair

Does your home suffer from cracked walls, doors that won’t close, and bowed floors? Any of these issues can be signs of serious foundation problems in your home. Foundation settlement can lead to major structural problems and will only cost you more money to repair as time goes on. Luckily there are ways to repair a concrete foundation.

Sump Pumps and Drainage

A sump pump system with proper drainage is the most important part of a basement waterproofing system. This device makes sure that your basement stays dry. A Sump Pump pushes water out of your basement as it collects in a sump pit dug into the floor.

Egress Windows and Cellar Doors

Basement Systems of the Hudson Valley specializes in the installation of egress windows and cellar doors, and is fully versed in the local and federal code requirements.  We sell and install a variety of egress window systems to satisfy any budget and any requirement.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

When your home’s crawlspace is moist or full of water, the air quality in your home will suffer greatly. Too much humidity or water in your crawlspace can also cause major structural problems for your home. Crawlspace Encapsulation can protect your crawlspace from the moisture and improve your home’s air quality as well as protect against costly structural damage,

Forensic Engineering

The certified Forensic Engineers at Basement Solutions of the Hudson Valley can determine the causes of structural failures and develop cost estimates to repair or rebuild the structure.

Concrete Cutting 

Basement Solutions of the Hudson Valley provides expert concrete cutting services, including flat sawing, horizontal curb cutting, diamond drilling and more. Our engineers have the experience and the skills necessary to perform any concrete cutting job your project may require.